Antibiotic Residue Testing in Milk

Antibiotic Residue Testing in Milk 

Auroflow Antibiotics Residue Test Kit.

auroflow_beta-lactam_strips_testAuroflow offers one of the most comprehensive testing spectrums available today for a rapid antibiotic residue test, able to detect 29 antibiotics at or below EU & CODEX MRL limits, when using the BTS Combo Kit.

The Auroflow Test is a rapid 7min test, that offers highly sensitive and highly reproducible results at room temperature NO INCUBATOR REQUIRED.

Kits are supplied with Positive & Negative Controls.

The Auroflow kits are available in 96 or 192 tests, with cost per test as low as £1.90 per test.

  • Ideal for use in the field or farm; requires no equipment and works at room temperature or cold milk.

The Combo Kit has been validated by the AFBI AgriFood & Bioscience Institute Belfast Sept 2013.

DELVOTEST SP-NT -Broad Spectrum Test

DELVOTEST®, DSM Food Specialities Product is the gold standard for milk antibiotic residue testing worldwide.
delvotest_starterkit_jrDelvo SP 25-100
Delvotest® Characteristics
Broad spectrum screening test covering all major groups of antibiotic residues
Test duration 3 hours

• reliable and accurate
• very sensitive towards a wide range of antibiotics commonly used
• sensitive to a broad range of antimicrobials
• simple to carry out and to interpret
• quick and labour saving
• good reproducibility
• for on farm use

Pack sizes available;
• 25 individual tests (Delvotest SP NT Mini’s)
• 100 individual tests (Delvotest SP NT Ampoules)

DELVOTEST BLF – Rapid 5min Beta-LactamTest

DSM introduces Delvotest® BLF (beta-lactam fast test)[1], the next generation high speed dairy test. It analyzes milk samples and measures traces of beta-lactam, the main antibiotic used to treat cattle, in just five minutes. This latest innovation forms part of the well-known Delvotest portfolio of broad spectrum and fast milk testing kits, and has the benefit of requiring no new laboratory equipment. Delivering consistently reliable results, the new test brings greater efficiency to detection of antibiotic residues, saving time and money for dairies worldwide.

With Delvotest BLF, dairy professionals no longer need to wait for lengthy tests to prove that the milk is safe to use. In only five minutes the testing kit can detect traces of beta-lactam to determine milk quality. Safe milk can then be reintroduced quickly into the value chain to maximize production and reduce waste. Plus, the test safeguards dairies’ reputation by further minimizing the risk of contaminated milk entering the supply chain.

Delvotest BLF is easy to use, and requires no new laboratory equipment for Delvotest customers. Dairy professionals can accurately check the milk safety at any stage, from the farm to the processing facility, with reliable results every time. Results are given by clear color readings that leave no room for error.

Mylène Caussette, global marketing manager, DSM, comments, “Dairies want to make the most of the milk they process, and are always looking for ways to maximize their efficiency. It’s vital for dairy professionals to be able to rely on tests to notify them the moment the milk is free from antibiotics and is safe to use. Our Delvotest range has been the gold standard of testing in the industry for more than 35 years, providing trusted and proven results every time. Constant research and innovation ensures that we can continue to bring high quality, reliable products, like the new Delvotest BLF, to dairies around the world.”

DSM has been the market leader in dairy testing since 1974. The Delvotest portfolio comprises a full range of broad spectrum and fast antibiotic residue testing kits for milk at every step of the value chain. Delvotest BLF can be used in conjunction with other Delvotest products for maximum reliability and speed.

[1] Delvotest® is a registered trademark of DSM

The complete range of DSM Delvotests are available from LABTEK Services please contact us.

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