Antibiotic Residue Testing in Milk 

Auroflow Antibiotics Residue Test Kit.

Auroflow offers one of the most comprehensive testing spectrums available today for a rapid antibiotic residue test, able to detect 29 antibiotics at or below EU & CODEX MRL limits, when using the BTS Combo Kit.

  • Rapid 7min test,
  • Highly sensitive and highly reproducible results at room temperature
  • Kits are supplied with Positive & Negative Controls.
  • Supplied in kit format of 96tests
  • Long Shelf-life compared with competitive tests

The Combo Kit has been validated by the AFBI AgriFood & Bioscience Institute Belfast Sept 2013.


DELVOTEST SP-NT -Broad Spectrum Test

DELVOTEST®, DSM Food Specialities Product is the gold standard for milk antibiotic residue testing worldwide.

The DELVOTEST SP-NT 3hr Test offers a broad spectrum screening test  for most of the major groups of antibiotics and is extensively used throughout the UK and worldwide as the first line of protection.

• Reliable and accurate
• Very sensitive towards a wide range of antibiotics commonly used
• Sensitive to a broad range of antimicrobials
• Simple to carry out and to interpret
• Quick and labour saving
• Good reproducibility
• For on farm use & milk processing facility

Pack sizes available;
• 25  test kit
• 100 test kit

DELVOTEST FAST BL – Rapid 5min Beta-LactamTest

DSM introduces Delvotest® FAST BL (beta-lactam fast test)[1], the next generation high speed dairy test. It analyzes milk samples and measures traces of beta-lactam, the main antibiotic used to treat cattle, in just five minutes. This latest innovation forms part of the well-known Delvotest portfolio of broad spectrum and fast milk testing kits, and has the benefit of requiring no new laboratory equipment. Delivering consistently reliable results, the new test brings greater efficiency to detection of antibiotic residues, saving time and money for dairies worldwide.

  • Rapid Results in 5mins
  • Consistent & Accurate Results
  • Easy to Use One Step Test Strip Method
  • Tests Results easily read by Eye
  • Automated Reading and Data Sharing using FAST GO platform.