Lactolyser IR

Milk & Dairy Product Analyser

The Lactolyser MIRA offers users state of the art technology in a compact format at an affordable price. The Lactolyser has been designed and developed by a highly knowledgeable team at Lactotronic with vast experience in infrared spectroscopy manufacturing.


A new infra-red milk analyser is now affordable for all, with potential cost savings and improved profitability.

If a dairy processing 2million litres of milk using a Lactolyser IR could consistently improve fat/cream yield by as little as 0.015% this  would generate an extra 30,000L of cream.


Highly efficient Sample Heating & Improved pumping Capabilities

The Lactolyser has been improved to offer users a more robust pumping system enabling users to test cream and dairy products with ease. The new pumping system and improved efficiency of the heater enable the Lactolyser to pump cold fresh cream up to 50%.

User Friendly Interface & Software

The developers at Lactotronic have spent a long time developing software that is not only easy to use but also efficient, using the latest technology of a touch screen interface. The Lactolyser also offers the unique feature of SMART Select, which automatically recognises what milk sample type has been presented to the instrument for analysis and chooses the relevant calibration channel.

High Specification as Standard

The Lactolyser is supplied with FAT A & FAT B filters, Sample Detection, Sample Heating, Auto-Zero, Auto-Cleaning as Standard, and for a limited period Cream Filter.

Raw Material & Intake Control

The Lactolyser IR is a perfect instrument for raw material intake control, the analyser requires no specialised training and provides accurate results within 30secs for Fat & Protein important parameters for payment purposes for consumer milk production.

Standardisation & Profitability

FAT A & FAT B filters enable the processing facility to test incoming raw milk testing seasonal variations in your raw material. FAT A & FAT B can be measured separately if required, offering versatility in the standardisation of milk throughout the year.


Fat, Protein, Lactose, Total Solids and SNF. FPD(as an optional extra).


Milk, Cream, concentrated milk, whey, whey protein concentrate, and various milk based products.


Our lab has become increasingly busier as the business has grown.
Production lines are positively released at start up and subsequent changeovers it is therefore vital that lab testing is not only accurate with excellent repeatability but also does not create unnecessary delays.
We found that our existing equipment was struggling to achieve these requirements due to the volume and frequency of samples being tested. A Lactolyser was successfully trialled; the machine was able to give fast, accurate and repeatable results.
Our laboratory staff did not want to return the machine at the end of the trial as they found it to be user friendly, easy to calibrate and required less daily maintenance.
As a result we have replaced our old analysers with two Lactolysers.

Steve Webb

Cotteswold Dairy

Lactolyser Information Sheets


  • Ease of operation
  • Smart calibration select
  • Ideal for standardization


  • Fat, Protein, Lactose, Total Solids, FPD
  • Skim, Semi-Skim, Whole, Channel Island.
  • Whey, Single/Whipping/Double Cream
  • Milk Powder (Re-constituted)
  • 10 Calibration Channels as standard (More optional)

Analytical Range:

  • Fat 0-60%,
  • Protein 0-10%,
  • Lactose 0-15%,
  • Total Solids.


  • Fat 0.02%
  • Protein 0.02%
  • Lactose 0.02%
  • Total Solids 0.06%

Standard Features:

  • Smart Calibration Select
  • Sample Detection
  • High Pressure Sample Homogenisation
  • Sample Heating

Optional Extras:

  • Extra Calibration
  • Cream filter and calibration
  • Ethernet port

During the year of renting the Lactolyser we have found that it has provided consistency accurate reliable results for our cow’s milk. The instrument has been easy to use and can be used by any persons trained in it’s safe operation.
It has proved very cheap to run, reagents costing pence per week to keep it clean and in good working order.
Calibrating the instrument was very simple using a range of known constituents, the results of which then enable an alteration of the slope / bias if needed. Cleaning the instrument was very simple and simple faults can easily be addressed on site.

Cheryl Lucas

Arla CCL


The Globulyser is a routine analysis instrument for measuring the fat globules in milk and milk products.

It is an instrument that gives you the ability to obtain rapid results (4 to 5 minutes), operator independent, it’s easy to use, and with the same or better precision than the particle size analyzers. The measurement principle is based on intensity of transmitted and forward scattered light due to the fat globules present in the milk or milk product.


  • Routine control of homogenization degree for industrial homogenisers aswell as laboratory milk fat analysers
  • Energy saving by controlling homogenization degree (return of money: 3 years possible)
  • Simpleto use
  • Low price
  • Operator independent
  • Correlation (R₂) 0,98 between the values from the Globulyser and free fat percentages in milk powder.
  • Correlation of (R₂) 0,99 between the pressure of the homogenizer and the values of the Globulyser.
  • Precision between 2% and 4% of the reading, depending on the product quality
  • Measures fat globules with sizes between 0.20 μm and 3.0 μm, it’s comparable or better than particle size analyzers.
  • Prevent oiling off

The Globulyser has been developed in cooperation with the Dutch Dairy Industry for analyzing and determining the homogenization degree of all long shelf live products, like UHT milk, condensed milk, pasteurized milk, a mixture of milk fat with vegetable fat, milk powder, cream powder, whey powder, every product where the fat should stay in the product without oiling off.


Measuring free fat in Milk powder:

Free fat in milk powder causes problem. With help from the Globulyser, the free fat percentage can be calculated in the milk powder. There is a correlation (R₂) 0,98 between the values from the Globulyser and the free fat percentages.

For instance, the chocolate industry wants free fat in the milk powder, because it saves cacao oil. The manufacturers of milk powder for baby food do not want any free fat, because when it is dissolved in water the free fat is forming a fat layer on the milk, the customer does not want that.

Using Globulyser Saves money:

Besides preventing oiling off by long storage, the Globulyser can reduce the energy costs for the homogenizer. The correlation between the pressure of the homogenizer and the values of the Globulyser is (R₂) 0.995.

The homogenizer can be used efficiently and costs will be reduced.


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