Dairy Lactose Free Product Analysis

Today a number of dairy products are targeted at lactose intolerant clients.CryoSmart1

We are pleased to announce the official launch of the new “Lactose-free” function, now available on our CryoSmart and CryoStyle cryoscopes.

This new special function is included in the main Menu and can be easily activated/deactivated by the user anytime it is required. By activating this new function it is possible to perform an extended calibration by using the optional calibration standard -0.929°C, that allows you to analyze lactose-free samples with high precision and repeatability of results.

This is very useful for all the dairy industries that produce lactose-free milk (or cream or whey) because it verifies whether the lactose hydrolysis has been properly performed when using the Lactase enzyme.

When the normal raw cow milk finds its freezing point at -0.512°C, the lactose-free cow milk finds its freezing point at -0.800°C/-0.815°C, or even lower, depending on the concentration of lactose residuals after the enzymatic treatment. By using a traditional cryoscope it is not possible to perform this kind of analyses as the values find themselves completely out of the standard calibration and out of the standard curve, but now, with the “Lactose-free” function, it is possible to implement our cryoscopes in the quality control process also for the production plants of lactose-free (<0.1% o <0.01%) or “low lactose content” (<0.5%) of milk, cream and whey.

– The control of the process of lactose removal through cryoscopy is not an official method, even though recognized (there are abstracts from



international scientific publications that describe this method).

Although not officially recognised the Lactose Free function on the cryoscope can offer an excellent screening method.

It is possible for cryoscopes already purchased to be upgraded if required.

Please contact us for further information.