In 2019 LABTEK Services launched our new extended Cream Calibration set CR1048 for setting up an accurate calibration slope for cream channels on FTIR & IR dairy analysers.

The set has been designed for the UK dairy processor with fat test levels at popular UK cream products 21% Single Cream, 40% Whipping Cream and 48% Double Cream.

Uniquely LABTEK Services can also provide cream control samples enabling the processor to monitor production with a daily control sample at the key fat levels of 21, 40 & 48%.

The CR1048 set is supplied as a set of 6samples ranging from 10-48%, with additional control samples available. The samples are an ISO Certificated Reference Material with low Uncertainity of Measurement.

The control samples are also proving to be popular tools to validate and check Gerber Testing operators and monitor compentancy and repeatability levels.

Improving your accuracy on cream Fat % by only 0.1% could significantly improve profitability.

LABTEK Services can offer full technical support on how to get the most from your FTIR or Filter IR dairy analyser for a range of manufacturers including FOSS F1, F2, FT120, Perten Lactoscope FTIR, C4, C3, Bruker Lactolyser & MPA-D, Bentley Dairy Analysers.

Pre-Ordered samples are preferred however we do frequently have spare sets and individual control samples which can be ordered and supplied on next day delivery.