Eclipse 4G Antibiotic Milk Test
eclipse antibiotic test COMET

Eclipse FARM-4G & COMET4

Eclipse Farm 4G & Comet4 is the first system on the market that allows to carry out an automatic antibiotic screening test and share the results in real-time. Just add a drop of milk into the test tube and Comet4 will automatically run the test in less than 2.5 hours. Regardless of where you are, you will receive the results on your smartphone, your cloud account or your email, always in real-time.

One drop of milk, one minute of your time. For an automatic analysis of more than 50 antibiotic substances and with real-time results wherever you need it to.


Do you want to make sure that the milk from your treated cow is free from antibiotics?
Do you need to check that your milk tank, truck tank or silo is free from any antibiotic substance that can interfere with your production?
Can I use transport time to analyse milk before arrival to the plant?

  • Scope: simultaneous detection of 8 groups of antibiotics in milk (>50 antibiotic substances). Sensitivity adapted to European MRLs
  • Assay time:¬†2 hours 30 min.
  • Results: numerical results, automatic reading and results are automatically sent (WIFI/Bluetooth/4G)
  • Portable: 4 hours battery life
  • Format: 25 or 50 tubes