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Measuring the pH level in food production is an important process for getting essential insights into various factors including quality, consistency, and safety. pH levels can have an impact on food making in numerous ways. When the pH is variable in food and beverage production, it can result in significant differences in the freshness, taste, food flavour, appearance, texture, fermentation, and shelf-life of the final product. Due to this, pH value is one of the crucial parameters that need to be measured during inspection before making the food item available. This is where pH meters play their role in making sure the pH level of the food products has the desired acidity level that is necessary for the prevention of the growth of foodborne pathogens. When pH meters are used properly they can greatly help in establishing and maintaining safe food products.

What is a pH Meter and Why is it Important?

pH meters used in the food industry help in the calculation of the acidity or alkalinity of food. They help in measuring the hydrogen ion activity which is expressed as “pH” or potential for hydrogen.

Effects of pH on Food

• Flavor

pH helps in knowing the favor of the food and provides a tart, sour, or acidic taste in food.

• Texture

pH can also affect the water holding capacity of certain foods that further impact their texture. It also affects the softness or hardness of food items like cheese.

• Appearance

pH also plays its part in changes including pigmentation and also in the development of haze in some of the products. As an example, anthocyanins present in certain fruits change the colour based on pH.

• Shelf Stability

pH is highly beneficial in the prevention of spoilage as it inhibits the growth of bacteria. When the level of pH is below 4.6, most of the bacteria will not grow.

• Fermentation

pH affects the bacteria that are used for producing fermented food. If you talk about yoghurt, the pH needed for it is ≤4.5.

• Safety

The acidic levels of pH help in controlling the foodborne pathogens including Clostridium Botulinum, Salmonella, and Bacillus Cereus.

A high-quality food pH meter plays an important role in monitoring the pH of the food and making the required adjustments in the levels. This enables in making sure the taste of the food is of the highest level and it also complies with the Food Safety System and Quality Management and standards.

Buying the Right pH Meter is Crucial

There is a wide range of pH meters that are used in food production. As there are some applications that only need instruments with general functionalities, you should choose a pH meter accordingly. For those that require accurate or specialised equipment, you can choose a high-end pH meter. Due to this, while choosing a pH meter you should consider all the factors in order to make the most out of your investment. When you choose the right pH meter you will be able to ensure the quality and safety of food. Always choose a meter that provides you with the best value for money. You should always choose the right pH meter in order to get the best results. Taking referrals from people who have knowledge about the pH meters can also prove beneficial especially if you are buying them for the first time.

Choose LABTEK Services to Buy High-Grade pH Meters

LABTEK Services is a premier provider of the best in class pH meters in the UK and Europe at an affordable price. We offer an extensive range of pH meters that have received top reviews from all our valued customers who only look forward to us. Below are a few of the pH meters that we provide:

• pH Meter Portable for Cheese

Our pH Meter Portable for Cheese is an easy to use and durable device. It is IP67 rated and waterproof and comes with a battery life of approximately 200 hours. This high quality pH meter can also test for temperature in cheese. It includes a conic tip shaped electrode that easily penetrates the cheese without leaving large holes.

• pH Meter Jenway 55

This is a general purpose portable pH and temperature meter that offers automatic buffer recognition and 2 point pH calibration. The pH Meter Jenway 55 is able to display pH and temperature simultaneously. It includes features like Automatic calibration, Manual or Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC).

• Checker Plus Portable Pocket pH Meter

If you want an easy to use portable meter then the Checker plus should be your choice. It is perfect for students and researchers that comes with a long thin pH electrode and clear LCD display. This pH meter is ideal for measurements in vials and test tubes.