ENDOSAN-Most Advanced Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide

EndoSan is a Hydrogen Peroxide which is stabilised using a specially formulated silver based chemistry. The stabilisation process is unique and makes EndoSAN a powerful water disinfectant that provides an effective solution against a wide spectrum of biocidal activity. Independent testing has shown that EndoSan is a highly effective bactericide, virucide, sporicide, fungicide, algaecide and amoebicide.

The EndoSAN range of products is used for disinfection purposes in a wide variety of applications and is proving to be extremely popular across market sectors, including food & beverage, Water Treatment, Agriculture, Cooling Towers, Fish, Meat, Poultry, Food Processing, Drinking Water, Swimming Pools, Sewage Treatment.

Independent testing of EndoSAN shows that it is a fast legionella bactericide, a very effective amoebicide(it kills the Trojan horses) and it removes and treats biofilm, making it an ideal biocide for legionella control. This triple action makes EndoSAN absolutely unique and positions the chemical as real contender to replace chlorine and chlorine dioxide as a continuous dose biocide

Dairy Farm Case Study

Numerous dairy farms throughout the Southwest of England  were experiencing Thermoduric Bacteria problems with consistently high BactoScan results in their storage tanks which varied in size from 500 – 6,000 litres. Previously a range of methods were applied to reduce these levels including Peracetic acid, caustic based detergent and iodine wash.

EndoSan™ at a concentration was used over a number of sites in the shock disinfection of these storage tanks. The product was given a 24 hour dwell time to allow for optimum disinfection.

Good Quality Milk is rewarded by bonus payments per litre. The lower the BactoSan reading the more money the farm is paid. The introduction of EndoSan™ enabled the farms in question to reduce their bactoscan test levels, resulting in higher payments for their high quality milk.

‘Thermoduric Bacteria in raw Milk Supplies is a major challenge for the Dairy Farm, contamination on the farm can occur via the teat surface, milk machine equipment, it is important that Parlour Hygiene is kept to a high standard. Farms that historically have had high Bactoscan results using other commonly used cleaning agents, now using EndoSan™ we have seen considerable improvement in  their Bactoscan results’.. James Allen LABTEK Services Ltd.