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LABTEK Services is pleased to be able to add the PAL TX range of surface wipes designed for the food manufacturing and service environments to our product range.

Pal TX surface wipes have been specially designed for hygienic cleaning of hard surfaces.
Wipe size: 190 x 230mm
Pack size: 1000 wipes
Wipe grade: 18gsm Tritex Technology
Bucket wipes
Meet EN standards; EN 1276, EN 13697, EN1650
Taint tested in accordance to BS ISO 4120:2004
Colour of wipes: Blue
Active Ingredients: Benzyl-C12-16-alkyl dimethyl chlorides C12-14-Alkyl [(ethylphenyl)methyl]dimethyl, chlorides Didecy dimethy ammonium chloride
Solution Description: Pal surface disinfectant solution
Applications: Very suitable for hygienic cleaning of hard surfaces within the food manufacturing and service environments


Surface Wipes Antibacterial PAL TX

If you want to take your Hygiene Monitoring to the next level the addition of a luminometer such as the ENSURE or SystemSure provides the user with far more information and data handling capabilities. 

The ENSURE or SystemSure converts detectable ATP to RLU- Relative Light Units which enables the user to obtain a specific RLU result which can be monitored and improved over time.

A typical HACCP system would select critical points throughout the processing environment which may have high risk and allocate them as swabbing points.

Overtime information can be accrued indicating if hygiene levels are improving, getting worse or remaining the same.

Please contact LABTEK Services to discuss options for your hygiene monitoring requirements.