Gerber Centrifuges & Milk Quality Tests

Dairy Centrifuges specifically designed for the Dairy Gerber Fat Test Compact, Benchtop and Low Cost

Axiom Mini Gerber Centrifuge

axiomminiA popular low-noise centrifuge for the dairy testing facility. The Axiom-mini offers many features including a stainless steel kettle, electronic soft start and stop, Butyrometer swinging, electronic countdown timer and automatic lid bolting.

The Axiom-mini is supplied complete with Butyrometer disc and holders, delivery and set-up are also included in the price

A comprehensive range of Gerber glassware and accessories are now available directly from Labtek Services Ltd.


Stainless steel kettle
Electronic soft start and stop
Butyrometer swinging
Electronic countdown timer
Automatic lid bolting
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New Astor 8 -Digit Gerber Centrifuge

ASTOR 8 Digit – Digital Gerber Centrifuge

Astor8DigitThe new Astor 8 Digit centrifuge with a 8 butyrometer capacity is completely digital and manufactured in full compliance with all advanced safety rules and with the Gerber method for the quantitative determination of fat in milk and dairy samples

Low Noise – ease-of-use – safety for the operator

Dimension: mm 49 *41*26cm
Weight: Kg. 18
Supply voltage: 220 VAC 50 hz
Power consumption: 840watts
Cod. 60355 – 8 places


External structure in anti-acid painted metal
Lid with a rounded window for the inspection of the chamber during centrifugation time
Safety lock of the lid if the rotor is moving
Electronic brake of the motor to cut the stopping time.
Digital display showing the active heating, open/close lid, set time, countdown, brake on, end of cycle
Digital set of the centrifugation time: from 0 to 60mins or continuous cycle
Backlit on/off switch and separate keys to open the lid and to switch the heating on/off
Coloured LED lights showing the reaching of the right temperature(purple) and the unlocked lid(green)
Capacity : 8 Butyrometers
Supplied with 8 anti-acid, easy to dismount/clean adapters for butyrometers
Pre-Selected temperature at 65 Deg C, according to Gerber Method
Pre-Heating time : max 20minutes
Perfect temperature homogeneity in the tubes
Centrifugal force 350g +/-50g, according to Gerber Method

Gerber Glassware & Accessories:-

LABTEK Services offers a comprehensive range of competitively priced Gerber Glassware & Accessories

All Glassware is manufactured to meet BS696 guidelines

Butyrometers – Double Skim 0-0.5%, Skim0-4%,Milk 0-8%,Cream 0-70%, Cheese 0-40%
Glass Pipettes – Milk 10.94ml, 1ml Amyl Alcohol, 10ml Gerber Acid, Cream 5g
Gerber Lockstoppers – Gerber Lockstopper Key
Chemicals – Sulphuric Acid 90% & Amyl Alcohol

New Gerber Butyrometer Shaking Stand 12place

The GERBER Test for dairy FAT analysis in Milk, & Cream is recognised worldwide and is the basis for numerous national and international standards such as ISO 2446, IDF 105 & BS696.

LABTEK Services can now supply its customers with a Safety Shaker for the Gerber Test which reduces significantly the risk of sulphuric acid burns to the user.
• The Safety shaker is handmade from acrylic PMMA which provides a transparent, lightweight and shatter resistant product suitable for the busy laboratory.
• The LABTEK Safety Shaker has places for up to 12 Gerber Butyrometers, the places have been sized to restrict the movement of the butyrometer when inside the shaker and has protective matting at the base to reduce any damage to glassware.
• The Acrylic PMMA lid fits tightly over the stand creating a space in which any spillages will be collected and can be handled safely.

Product Code : LTS306037


Milk Quality Tests

The Resazurin Test

The Resazurin Test is conducted similar to the Methylene Blue reduction test with the judgement of quality based either on the colour produced after a stated period of incubation or on the time required to reduce the dye to given end-point.

Prepare Resazurin solution by dissolving one Resazurin tablet in 200ml of hot distilled water, place 1ml of dye solution in a sterile test tube then add 10ml of sample. Stopper the tube, place in incubator and when temp reaches 36deg C invert to mix milk and dye. Incubate at 36deg C. Tubes are examined and classified at the end of an hour in the “one-hour test”

Products required from LABTEK Services :-

RZN-100 Resazurin Tablets (100units)

RT510100 Reductase 5/10ml Tubes (100units) RTS010190 Stoppers Rubber Red Solid (pk of 10)

Methylene Blue Reduction Test

The Methylene Blue reduction test is based on de-colorization of a dye due to milk quality. The removal of oxygen from milk and the formation of reducing substances during bacterial metabolism causes the colour to disappear. The greater number of bacteria present the faster the dye color will disappear, thus the time of reduction is an indication of the number of organisms in the milk.

Methylene Blue Procedure

Sterilize all glassware and rubber stoppers either in autoclave or in boiling water.

Boil 200ml of distilled water in a light resistant (amber) stoppered flask and then add one methylene blue tablet, tablet should be completely dissolved and solution cooled before use. Fresh Solution should be prepared weekly.

Add 1ml of Methylene Blue solution into a test tube and add 10ml of Milk and stopper the tube.

Place tubes immediately in waterbath or store in refrigerator for more convenient time of incubation, bring samples to 35deg C within 10mins, when temperature reaches 36Deg C slowly invert tube a few times. Record this as the beginning of the incubation period, cover to keep out of light.

Check samples for de-colorisation after 30mins, make subsequent readings at hourly intervals thereafter.

Products required from LABTEK Services Ltd:-

MB100 Methylene Blue Tablets (100units)

RT510100 Reductase Tubes 5/10ml (100units) RTS010190 Stopper, Rubber, Red Solid (pk of 10)

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