Compact Dry – Easy-to-Use, Compact Microbiology Test Plates.

Total Count Plate

Total Count Plate

Compact Dry TC (Total Count)
Bacteria form red colonies

Compact Dry TC is a medium for total viable bacterial count, which contains nutrient standard agar. The colonies grown on Compact Dry TC are red due to redox indicator tetrazolium salt.

Regression line data from Compact Dry TC method plotted versus the conventional PCA method (standard plate count agar) shows a good correlation per 100 food samples for the population of me-sophilic aerobic micro-organisms. Compact Dry TC is AOAC, MicroVal and NordVal approved.




Compact Dry ETB for Enterobacteriacae




Using Compact Dry ETB it´s very easy to detect Enterobacteriacae. It´s substrates allows the easy differentiation of theEnterobacteriacae from other groups.




Yeast & Mould

Yeast & Mould

Compact Dry YM for yeast and mould

With Compact Dry YM yeasts and mould can be differentiated by colour development. The medium contains the chromogenic enzyme substrate X-Phos which turns blue with many yeasts. Moulds form fluffy colonies with a characteristic colour. Antibiotics inhibit the growth of bacteria. The Compact Dry YM allows a very good 3-dimension growth of yeast and mould. Compact Dry YM is AOAC approved.




Compact Dry EC (E.coli and coliforms)

E-coli & Coliforms

E-coli & Coliforms

Bacteria form blue and red colonies

Compact Dry EC is a medium for E.coli and coliforms. The medium contains two kinds of chromogenic enzyme substrates: Magenta-Gal and X-Gluc. E.coli forms blue colonies. The total coliform group count is the sum of both the red and blue colonies.

Regression line data from Compact Dry EC method plotted versus the conventional VRBA method (violet red bile agar) shows a good correlation per 50 food samples for the population of coliforms. Compact Dry EC is AOAC approved.

Compact Dry Swab for surfaces, meat and dry areas

Compact Dry Swab

Compact Dry Swab


  • Unscrew the orange swab and wipe a defined surface area.
  • Put the swab back into the tube and screw tightly. Shake the tube and invert to mix.
  • Unscrew the cap of the tip. By pressing the middle of the tube squeeze all solution (1ml) on the Compact Dry plates.
  • If necessary prepare further series of 10 times sample dilution, and inoculate 1ml each in the middle of Compact Dry plates.

CompactDrySwab - Instructions for Use

Dilution Rack-MRD for Compact Dry Product

Dilution rack for easy Serial Dilutions

The Dilution Rack contains 128 wells of 9 ml sterile NaCl. By pipetting 1 ml from one well to the next, it allows easy and fast 10-fold dilutions of your samples.

– Insert the Opener into the aluminium seal and pierce two holes. The opener can be decontaminated using either an alcohol solution/wipe or by placing directly into a flame.
– Dispense 1 ml of the specimen with a clean pipette into the holes.
– Insert a second pipette into the second hole and homogenize the specimen.
– Remove 1 ml of the homogenized specimen and place it onto the Compact Dry plate.
– To dilute further, repeat the above steps.
– Each vial contains 9 ml Phosphor buffered Saline.
– Can be stored anywhere at room temperature for up to 1 year.

Animal Health and Industrial Food Processing hygiene – SURFACE TESTING
  • Poultry Farming related to regulations for Gallus Gallus & Turkey
  • Other Productions poultry ( Duck, Guinea Fowl, Free Range, Cages Layers, Hatchery, breeders, laying hens and broiler chickens…….) Fish Farming

Health in FOOD PROCESSING, Pathogenic Germs & Total Bacterial Count Monitoring

  • Testing the Environment – After disinfection, During Production
  • Testing Raw Material or Product



  • Knitted jersey, stretchable & Strong
  • Easy to put on with wide opening
  • Elasticated top




SODIBOX Swab Cloth – Chiffonette

  • Swab Cloth Size > 900cm2 ( EU Regulations)
  • Does not drip, fray or tear
  • Unwoven, consistent smooth or honeycombed structure



  • Sample is representative of the tested surface
  • Collects quality with strong fixation of germs
  • Fast Release of sample in pre-enrichment broth


Distilled Water or Tryptone Salt – for Testing during Production- premoistened devices are obligatory for regulated sectors, for other sectors Duck, Guinea Fowl, Pig devices are available without diluent (DRY)

Buffered Peptone Water at 10% neutralizing Agent – for testing after disinfection

SWAB CLOTH or STERISOX can be supplied pre-moistened or dry, packed in a sampling bag and available with or without accessories.