Antibiotic Residue Testing - RAPID Beta-Lactam

Rapid antibiotic residue tests enable the dairy processor to determine if a milk sample contains antibiotic levels above the recommended EU maximum residue level guidelines in under 10mins.

The most popular rapid antibiotic tests detect the Beta-Lactam group of antibiotics which are the most widely used group of antibiotics used in the UK and include Penicillins & Cephalosporins.

However the UK is slowly seeing an increase in the use of other antibiotic groups including Tetracyclines, Sulfonamides, Macrolides & Aminoglycosides.

Thankfully their are now a range of tests that can provide rapid test results for all of the major antibiotic groups providing results in under 10mins.

Latest advances in technology enable the ability to test for 4 major antibiotic groups in under 10mins and 3 major antibiotic groups in under 6mins on a single test.

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