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Antibiotic Residue Testing

The detection of antibiotic residue in milk is critical to make sure antibiotics do not enter the food chain and meet stringent government and industry guidelines. Determining that an animal is free of antibiotics following treatment is essential to allow that animal back into the food chain.

The EU has set Maximum Residue Levels MRL’s which must be adhered to with any milk not meeting these guidelines disposed of.

Generally it is the farmers or processors responsibility to test on-site individual cows and tankers for traces of antibitoics to prevent antibiotics entering the food chain.

There are two different types of antibiotic test RAPID & Broad Spectrum from numerous different manufacturers, popular brands include DELVOTEST, BETASTAR, AUROFLOW, BIOEASY, how quickly a result is required will often determine which type of test is used, with broad spectrum testing recommended to be confident no antibiotics are present in the milk.