Astori CryoStyle 40 Osmometer

The Astori CryoStyle 40 Osmometer is a 40-sample carousel-based automatic instrument with a wide touch-screen for the rapid determination of the cryoscopic point variation (osmolality) in fluids and other solutions. The curve of the measured temperature values of the analysed sample is shown on the screen in real time, during the determination.


  • Sample capacity: 40-sample autosampler carousel
  • Large touch-screen display
  • Direct measurement of osmolality values
  • Real-time visualization of the freezing temperature plateau
  • Bath with Peltier cells controlled by software
  • Induced ventilation
  • Operating ambient temperature: from +5°C to +36°C
  • Automatic calibration
  • Stable memory of the last 2.000 results, or even more
  • User password to protect the calibration data
  • Data exit: RS 232
  • Thermal printer included
  • Lash and agitation width adjustment controlled by software
  • Results in mOsm/Kg units
  • Sample volume: from 50 to 200 µl, with disposable plastic tubes
  • Analysis duration: about 2-3 minutes/test
  • Warm-up time: about 5 minutes
  • Resolution: 1 mOsm/Kg
  • Repeatability and reproducibility: ± 2,5 mOsm/Kg (from 0 to 600 mOsm/Kg) or ±0,5% (from 600 to 3000 mOsm/Kg)
  • Dimensions: 32 x 57 x 30 cm (w x d x h – with head down)
  • Weight: about 16 kg.
  • Power consumption: max. 200 W



The Astori Cryo Series utilises over 30years experience using Freezing Point technology an industry preferred method for sample concentration.

It provides auto-calibration, self-diagnostics and statistical analysis. Computer interface printout capabilities increase the utility of this instrument for any busy laboratory. Since solution concentration, or osmolality, is fundamental to all physiochemical processes in the body involving diffusion of solute or transfer of fluids through membranes, knowledge of the various body fluid osmolalities is fundamentally useful in prognosis.

A single sample version CryoBasic is also available.

The CryoSeries test parameters can be adjusted depending on sample type making them an excellent solution for the analysis of complex solutions including blood, serum, plasma, urine etc…

LABTEK Services has supported freezing point technology instrumentation in the food and beverage industry since 1987.

CryoBasic Single Sample Osmometer
CryoBasic Single Sample Osmometer

As a company we can also support Advanced Instrument osmometers which are now obsolete including the Model 3D3 as well as latest 3250 model.

LABTEK Services can supply spare parts, consumables and accessories contact us for more details