Compact Dry TC (Total Count) 40plates

  • Ready-to-Use Test Method – Certificated AOAC/ ISO /Microval /Nordval
  • Reduce time to perform Microbial Testing.
  • Test Raw Materials & Finished Products
  • Test Surfaces using Compact Dry Swab
  • Easy to Store Test Method – Shelf-Life up to 2yrs at Room Temperature
  • The Plates rigid Structure allows easy transportation and Stacking Safely in Incubator
  • Dilution Racks available
  • Test Membrane Filters for Water Analysis ISO 16140


Compact Dry TC is a medium for total viable bacterial count, which contains nutrient standard agar. The colonies grown on Compact Dry TC are red due to redox indicator tetrazolium salt.

Regression line data from Compact Dry TC method plotted versus the conventional PCA method (standard plate count agar) shows a good correlation per 100 food samples for the population of me-sophilic aerobic micro-organisms. Compact Dry TC is AOAC, MicroVal and NordVal approved.