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Cream Calibration Set Fat Only 10-48% set 6

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  • Cream Calibration Set
  • Range 10 – 48%
  • Designed for the UK Dairy Industry to Calibrate the FTIR or IR Analyser.
  • Full Technical Support available to help set-up your FTIR/IR analyser
  • Control Samples available at each test level to monitor daily after calibration.
  • Preserved Samples offer up to 10weeks from date of manufacture
  • 80ml Sample

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The CR1048 Cream Calibration set has been introduced to enable cream manufacturers to accurately calibrate their FTIR or IR analyser to maximise profit and reduce waste.

Specifically designed for the UK dairy industry the set provides 6 samples ranging from 10 to 48% Cream, with key levels at 10, 21,31,35,40 & 48%.

Control samples are also available for each test level to enable the user to monitor the analyser on a daily basis after each calibration.

LABTEK Services can provide full calibration and technical support on how to use the samples to set up your FTIR or IR Analyser from a range of different manufacturer’s