DelvoTest FAST BL 25 Tests

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Delvotest® FAST BL- Rapid 7min BetaLactam Test
• Rapid BetaLactam Results in 7mins
• Uses same Incubator as Delvo SP-NT or T
• Recommended for Bulk Tank Analysis
• Complements broad spectrum Delvotest SP-NT and T

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Delvotest® – the industry’s gold standard in antibiotic residue testing in milk
Delvotest®: The test you can rely on
Fourty years ago DSM introduced Delvotest®, an easy-to-use, reliable, antibiotic residue test for Farmers, Dairies and Milk Control Laboratories.
DSM are pleased to introduce the Delvotest FAST BL, this test has been carefully designed with the farmer in mind to give rapid evaluation of milk tankers. In fact, it’s ideal for testing the bulk tank quickly before the tank arrives; the test gives farmers confidence that their milk is safe to enter the supply chain and also that they are not wasting good quality milk.
Results are available in 7mins for the detection of the Beta-Lactam group of antibiotics, the Delvotest FAST BL has been introduce to complement the Delvotest SP NT 3hr test which is the Gold Standard used throughout the world.
The Delvotest FAST BL uses the same incubator as the Delvotest SP-NT & T