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K Heavy Duty Penetration Probe Ø3.3 x 130mm

Delvotest® T Broad Spectrum 31/4hr Test benefits:

• Microbial and fast tests which can be used complementary, throughout the whole milk supply chain

  • Bulk Tank Testing – Recommended Test
  • Used by NML for Herd Recording Payments
  • Detects all 6 majors Antibiotic Groups which a Veterinary Practice may prescribe
  • Results 3 1/4hrs
    • High reliability and accuracy – low number of false results
    • Detection of the widest range of antibiotics
    • Detection of antibiotic residues close to international standards
    • AFNOR & AOAC certified and national reference test in most countries


Delvotest® – the industry’s gold standard in antibiotic residue testing in milk
Delvotest®: The test you can rely on
Fourty years ago DSM introduced Delvotest®, an easy-to-use, reliable, antibiotic residue test for Farmers, Dairies and Milk Control Laboratories.

Delvotest® is easy to use and covers the broadest spectrum of antibiotic residues in the industry testing all 6 major antibiotic groups. It is known for its reliability and accuracy with detection levels closest to Maximum Residue Levels and Safe Tolerance Levels (US). Therefore, Delvotest® is chosen as the national reference test in most countries worldwide.

Delvotest® T
For testing bulk tanks – not recommended for testing individual cows.
If you wish to test your bulk tank on a regular / routine basis, this is the version of Delvotest® you should now use.

Delvotest for Dairies

Assuring milk quality on an industrial scale is a challenging business. It is imperative that every single drop of milk meets all stringent quality standards. Delvotest® minimizes costs associated with contaminated milk like disruption of production, cost of disposal and additional testing costs.

Delvotest® provides fast and easy acceptance of milk trucks, preventing quality issues related to milk contamination enabling dairies to have undisrupted milk production.

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