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ITR Milk Tester MK 3.2

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  • Rapid fat % determination in milk products
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • 6-Channel push button multi-calibox
  • High speed-120 samples per hour
  • Semi-automatic operation
  • Skim milk readings to 3 decimal places
  • Small sample volume – 1.6ml

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The ITR Milk Tester Mk 3.2 uses a photometric measurement of light scattered by fat globules in a milk sample. In its raw state the milk fat globules are not of a constant size and a four stage homogeniser prepares the sample before presentation to the measuring cell. Other solids that may contribute to the light scatter are dissolved using an EDTA solution in the dilution process.

The photometric method of fat % determination is time tested and remains one of the most efficient and effective means of obtaining accurate and repeatable results.

The ITR 3.2 is a simple to use rapid butterfat tester. It measures the fat content of a milk sample from presentation of the milk sample to final result in approximately 20 seconds.