Peroxide 3-10% Time Sensitive Test Strips(vial of 50)

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Time Sensitive Peroxide Test Strip
The Time Sensitive Peroxide test strip, 3-10%, is a time sensitive strip for testing highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide solutions. The concentration of the solution being tested is determined by the length of time it takes the color to change to black.

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Dip the Time Sensitive Peroxide test strip into the solution for 1-2 seconds. Do not swirl.
Remove strip, and hold level. Do not shake off excess water.
Evaluate the color of the test pad beginning at 0 seconds.
If the white pad turns purple, then black within:
2-3 seconds: 10% concentration
10-15 seconds: 5% concentration
30-40 seconds: 3% concentration
60-75 seconds: 2% concentration
Note: Reaction times are adjusted specifically for each batch.
Note: If the solution is for contact lenses, the solution (3%) will remain white for 20 seconds, then turn black.
The Time Sensitive Peroxide test strip can also be used to confirm the strength of 35% food grade peroxide by mixing 1 part 35% peroxide solution with 2.5 parts water to yield a concentration of 10%. If the color change is not immediate, then the initial concentration was not 35% (or a mistake was made in the dilution). Try other dilutions to zero in on the actual strength, e.g. 1:6 should give you 5%; etc.