Available directly from LABTEK Services the Morinaga Institute of Biological Science Inc rapid lateral flow and ELISA Allergen tests uses an innovative extraction method and special antibodies to detect allergen protein in food samples, environment and rinse water.

The Rapid Test Easy is one of the most advanced allergen tests available today for environmental swabbing and rinse water with a unique ONE STEP test – simply add 200ul directly to test device and wait 10mins. Accurate to 0.5ppm

Test Kits available for EGG, CASEIN & GLUTEN

The Rapid Test PRO is used to detect food allergens EGG, MILK, WHEAT, BUCKWHEAT & PEANUT in a food sample with a reaction time of 15mins.

This easy and rapid test will save time in food processing lines. In order to avoid contamination with the food allergens during the manufacturing process at the food-processing plant, it is necessary to manage food allergens such as in raw materials, interim products and final products. As a process control, a cleaning check such as swab testing in the food-processing line is also effective to avoid food allergen contamination. Rapid Test Pro is a simplified test kit (qualitative test kit) for food allergens based on an immunochromatography method, and is suitable to quickly and easily identify contamination of food allergens.

The extraction solution used in Rapid Test Pro utilizes the same technology as our Food Allergen ELISA Kit II4) that is an official method of food allergen testing in Japan. With this feature, even though Rapid Test Pro is a simplified test kit, it is able to test highly processed foods with a lower false-negative risk. For more details, see Morinaga technology.

The MORINAGA Rapid Test EASY & PRO have been adopted by major supermarkets and food processors worldwide to better improve their allergen testing.

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