LABTEK Services is able to supply a wide range of hygiene monitoring devices that enable the user to rapidly validated the cleanliness of the processing environment.

The entry level device such as ProClean is a very simple to use colour change protein device similar to using a litmus strip. Proclean is designed to provide information at a preset level of cleanliness and provides the user with a visual aid to determine if the surface is clean – ‘if Green its Clean’.

There are a wide range of colour change devices available for not only ATP Hygiene monitoring, but also for Allergen detection, environmental Listeria and environmental Salmonella.

The colour change devices are designed for simplicity and ease of use whilst providing very valuable information on the processing environment. 


If you want to take your Hygiene Monitoring to the next level the addition of a luminometer such as the ENSURE or SystemSure provides the user with far more information and data handling capabilities. 

The ENSURE or SystemSure converts detectable ATP to RLU- Relative Light Units which enables the user to obtain a specific RLU result which can be monitored and improved over time.

A typical HACCP system would select critical points throughout the processing environment which may have high risk and allocate them as swabbing points.

Overtime information can be accrued indicating if hygiene levels are improving, getting worse or remaining the same.

Please contact LABTEK Services to discuss options for your hygiene monitoring requirements.