pH Meters and Consumables

Get the EDGE in bench technology with the latest innovation from Hanna.

edge_article_long2 (1)Just launched edge is the latest innovation from Hanna Instruments offering some of the most advanced technology for measuring pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen.

With EDGE, the measurement of pH, EC and DO is simpler, quicker and more accurate. Combining high precision technology with the user-friendly dimensions and format of a small digital tablet, edge is breaking new ground in electrochemistry.

Desirability too is 100%. Cutting edge design, capacitive touch screen and an intuitive user interface are just some of the attributes that make EDGE stand out as the most innovative bench meter on the market.

EDGE set s new standards in bench pH meters.

  • range -2.00 to 16.00pH and -2.000 to 16.000pH
  • resolution : 0.01pH and 0.001pH
  •        accuracy : +/-0.01pH and +/- 0.002pH
  •       calibration : automatic with 7 standard buffers and 2 custom buffers
  •       Touch screen
  •       large 140mm LCD display with clear full test readout.
  •       digital smart electrodes enable EDGE to automatically recognise and store sensor type, ID and calibration information
  •       Programmed for basic and advanced modes
  •       Hanna CAL-CHECK warns if electrode is not clean or buffers are contaminated.

HI99161_400HI-99161N Handheld Food and Dairy pH Meter [HI-99161N]

For operators working in food manufacturing, the HI-99161N is a top of the range meter for measuring the pH in solid and semi-solid foods.This great little meter is highly popular across the food industry. High accuracy digital technology ensures the instrument meets statutory regulations on health and safety.The HI-99161N is also supplied as standard with an FC202D PTFE coated electrode designed specifically for food and dairy

Hanna-Edge-pH-HI2020HI-2020 Edge Hybrid pH [HI-2020-02]

Edge is the world’s first hybrid meter and the latest innovation from Hanna Instruments offering some of the most advanced technology for measuring pH. The smart, slim-line design means Edge can be used as a hand held, wall mount or bench top meter. Combined with sophisticated technology, it delivers fast accurate results with laboratory grade precision whichever format you choose to use.

pH Buffers, Electrodes, Cleaning & Storage Solutions:-

pH4.01 Sachets_9359ph4 500mlph4 1000mlph4.01 & pH7.01 Sachet_10845



pH Buffers available in 500ml, 1000ml, 2.5ltr polybottles or sachets.

Electrode Cleaning Solutions and Storage Sachets & Polybottle 500ml

  • Electrode Cleaning Solution for Cheese Deposits 500ml [HI-70642L]Cleaning Solution for Milk Deposits 500ml_9449
  • Electrode Cleaning Solution for Milk Deposits 500ml[HI-70640L]
  • Electrode Cleaning Solution for Dairy Products 500ml [HI-70641L]
  • Cleaning and Disinfection Solution for Dairy Products, 25 x 20 mL sachets Dairy Cleaning Sachets_9188[HI-700641P]Cleaning Solution for Cheese Deposits


Food & Beverage Specific Electrodes:-


Electrode for Milk_9485Milk Yoghurt Creams_9296





FC260B MILK pH      FoodCare Milk, Yoghurt,Cream        FC210B Food pH       


Food pH with Glass Body_9349SS Food Electrode - Dairy Products_9501

        FC220B Food pH            FC240B SS-Ideal for Dairy

Electrolyte Solution_10376

HI-7071 Electrolyte Solution

Solution 3.5M KCL

HI7072 Solution 3.5M KCL

Electrode Solution KCL+AgCL 230ml_9190

HI-7071 KCL + AgCL 230ml

Electrode Filling Solutions :-

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