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Compact Dry - Pre Plated Media

Compact Dry pre plated media for simplified Microbiological Testing

Compact Dry plates are used worldwide for simple identification of bacteria, removing the need to make media and add to petridishes.

The media plates offer a number advantages over the traditional petridish plate count method.

  • Long life Shelf-life up to 18months
  • Ready-to-Use Test Method
  • Reduced Test Time
  • Store Anywhere at Room Temperature up to 20 – 35 deg C
  • Stackable – Space Saving
  • Self Diffussion – Sample Covers Plate by simply adding 1ml to the Centre.
  • AOAC, MicroVal and Nordval Approved
  • Test Raw Materials and Finished Products
  • Risk of Contamination Elimated with Covering Lid

Industry Microbial Testing

The pre prepared media plates can be utilised in a wide range of industries including environmental, food and beverage, Dairy, Meat, Cosmetic and other samples

Compact Dry Swab

The Swab can be utilised for the testing surfaces, meat and dry areas

  • Unscrew the orange swab and wipe a defined surface area.
  • Put the swab back into the tube and screw tightly. Shake the tube and invert to mix.
  • Unscrew the cap of the tip. By pressing the middle of the tube squeeze all solution (1ml) on the plates.
  • If necessary prepare further series of 10 times sample dilution, and inoculate 1ml each in the middle of plates.

Water Sample Testing 

Additionally membrane filters can be used when testing water samples, Filtrate 100-250ml of water sample using a sterile membrane filter 47mm with 0.45um pore size. Add 1ml of diluent eg Peptone Water to the compact dry plate. Directly after end of the filtration apply filter to the Media Plate.

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