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3M PetriFilm Plates

The 3M Petrifilm Plate is a time-saving, sample-ready plate designed to determine bacteria populations.

A built in grid facilitates counting colonies, helping to provide fast, precise and consistent results. Each 3M Petrifilm Plate contains a water soluble gelling agent, nutrients and indicator — all the components needed for microbial growth with no agar preparation required. The 3M Petrifilm Plate provides results in as little as 18 hours.

Microbiology Simplified

Three Easy Steps Offer Fast, Easy to Interpret Results:*

1) Inoculate 3M Petrifilm Plates are easy to inoculate. Lift the top film and add sample.

2) Incubate The space saving design minimizes incubator space requirements. 3) Interpret Count the colonies; a built in grid simplifies counting, giving you fast, precise, and consistent results. *Refer to instructions for use for additional information, and more details on validations.

The 3M Petri-film Plate can also be read using the 3M Petrifilm Plate Reader which provides consistent, fast, automated reading and recording of results of 3M Petri-film Plates (Aerobic Count, Rapid Aerobic Count, Coliform Count, E. coli/Coliform Count, Enterobacteriaceae Count and Select E. coli Count ) in 4 seconds. The 3M Petri-film Plate Advantage In today’s environment of heightened focus on food safety and increasingly stringent quality requirements, labs are under pressure to provide tests that are fast, reliable and consistently accurate. 3M Petri-film Plates have demonstrated consistent performance that has been cited globally with more than 200 certificates, recognitions, validations, and peer review publications.

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