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Surface Wipes

Surface wipes either Alcohol or AntiBacterial Surface are designed for simple and effective cleaning, proven effective against a wide range of bacteria & viruses including coronavirus.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought to the attention of everyone the importance of a clean and bacteria free living or working environment. The cleaning of surfaces frequently is the only way we can combat the build up of viruses and bacteria on surfaces. Tools such as the surface wipe provide a very effective and easy to use tool to make sure the surface is free of bacteria and viruses.

70% Alcohol Wipes such as AZOWipes have been proven 99.9% effective against a wide range of bacteria and viruses including coronavirus. AZOwipes are one of the most widely used Alcohol wipes used in the UK, providing high quality and durability. Azowipes are used in hospitals, dentists, food processing facilities throughout the UK and the World.

AZOWipes are excellent for cleaning surfaces, especially hard surfaces due to their excellent durability and size.

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