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Broad Spectrum MRL Screening Tests

The Broad spectrum colour change test for testing antibiotics in milk is used worldwide, the Eclipse 4G microbial test detects more than 50 antibiotics across 8 antibiotic groups.ZEULAB have now launched the COMET4 which offers the same testing capabilities with an Incubator -Reader broad spectrum test with lower cost per test.

In a specific culture medium and under suitable conditions, the spores of this bacterium germinate and multiply, acidifying the medium, producing a colour change in the culture medium from blue to yellow. If the milk sample contains an antimicrobial concentration higher than the test detection limit, the bacterial growth is inhibited and therefore the colour change of the medium will not occur.

LABTEK Services also supply the DELVOTEST which is a widely used broad spectrum MRL test for the detection of 8 major antibiotic groups in milk.