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Allergen Surface Testing Kit LAB2GO – 5x10tests

£415.00 ex. VAT

  • LAB2GO All Inclusive Allergen Surface Testing Kit
  • Proteon Test Strips can be stored at Room Temperature
  • Select test for up to 5 of 8 common allergens
  • Allergens Tested Milk Duo, Egg, Gluten, Soy, Fish, Crustaceans
  • Almond & Hazelnut
  • One Step Assay – Test Results in 10mins
  • Additional Charges if you Select Milk Duo or Gluten £20 per vial of 10
  • Additional Charges if you Select Fish or Crustaceans £45 per vial of 10

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Allergen Surface Testing for 8 of the most common Allergens

Allergen surface testing using the LAB2GO kit provides all the equipment you need in comprehensive kit format. The Proteon Express allergen test strips for surfaces included in the kit can be kept at room temperature and provide a test result in 10mins.

Flexible Test Kit Format to meet your needs

Allergen Surface Testing LAB2GO OpenAs the customer you can choose either LAB2GO kits for 30,40 or 50 tests strips, choose 3-5 different Allergen tests from the 8 listed below with test sensitivity levels

  • Milk (β¬-lactoglobulin and Casein): 0.7 μg
  • Egg: 0.25 μg
  • Gluten: 1 μg
  • Soy: 0.7 μg
  • Fish: 0.25 μg
  • Crustaceans: 4 μg
  • Almond: 0.9 μg
  • Hazelnut: 1 μg

Test strips supplied in vials of 10 strips.

Why use the LAB2GO Allergen Testing Kit.

Do you want to verify the cleanings between productions of shared lines?
Are you implementing an IFS, BRC, ISO 22000 2005 quality standard?
Have you considered doing controls but do not know how to approach it?
Do you work with allergenic ingredients in powder and can you have post-cleaning contamination?

Test Procedure of the Proteon Express Allergen Test Strips supplied in the LAB2GO Kit

The test procedure couldn’t be simpler

Allergen Surface Test Procedure LAB2GO


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