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BetaStar S Antibiotic Milk Test Kit – 25tests

£107.19 ex. VAT

  • Rapid 5min BetaLactam Antibiotic Test
  • 25 tests
  • Simple to Use


Rapid Antibiotic Milk Test

BetaStar S is an assay for the rapid detection of beta-lactam antibiotics in raw, commingled cow milk at or below established Maximum Residue Levels (MRL). The test utilizes a separate test line to detect the sum of the parent drug ceftiofur and its metabolites. Raptor Integrated Analysis Platform and other AccuScan readers can be used or the test can also be read visually.

BetaStar S Antibiotic Milk Test Includes:-

The 25test kit contains:

  1. 25 test strips
  2. 25 sample tubes
  3. 25 disposable 400 μL poly-pipettes

Incubator Required but not supplied ThermoStat 6places

  1. Heater block/incubator capable of maintaining a temperature of 47.5 ± 1°C

For further information https://www.neogen.com/solutions/dairy-antibiotics/betastar-s/