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Chlorine Test Strip 2000ppm vial of 100

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  • Active Chlorine 0-2000ppm
  • Test levels 0, 25,50,200,500,800,1500,2000ppm
  • Ideal for Food Preparation & Processing Areas – Disinfection
  • Restaurants, Hospitality, Catering.
  • Monitoring Effectiveness of Chlorine Based Disinfectant
  • Easy to Use & Read
  • Vial of 100

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Chlorine Disinfection and Cleaning – Chlorine Test Strip 2000ppm

Sodium hypochlorite is the most commonly sold form of chlorine disinfection solution. Chlorine and bleach are used interchangeably but dissolved chlorine comes in different forms. The type used for disinfection and in your laundry is sodium hypochlorite. The term bleach originally referred to the chemical reaction that remove stains or color from fabric.

Testing is the only reliable way to assure the desired chlorine disinfection strength of a
prepared chlorine solution is achieved and maintained.

(1) Verify the concentration every time a new solution is prepared, even when
solutions are prepared multiple times during the day using the same container of the
base product.

(2) Use chlorine disinfection test strip that is capable of detecting the target range of
FAC. The detection range of the test strip should be broad enough such that the
target FAC concentration is close to the midpoint on the test paper scale. For example,
if the desired concentration is 500 ppm chlorine, the test range of the chlorine paper
should be capable of detecting 0 to 800 ppm or 0 to 1000 ppm.

The color chart has ranges for sanitization (50-200ppm) & disinfection (500-800ppm). 800ppm is considered the maximum level for child safety in the event of ingestion.

The difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. It is important to know the difference when trying to prevent the spread of illness.

Here’s a quick refresher:

Clean – The process that physically removes debris from the surface or area by scrubbing, washing, and rinsing with soap or detergent and water.

Sanitize – A product that kills 99.9% of germs identified on its label.

Disinfect – A product that kills nearly 100% of germs identified on its label.

High Level chlorine test strips are also avaiable


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