Chlorine Residual Test Strips 0-10ppm (Vial of 50)

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Low Level Chlorine Test Strip, 10ppm
The Low Level Chlorine test strip measures residual chlorine from 0-10ppm in increments of 0-0.5-1-3-5-10 in just seconds. This test strip detects residual levels of free chlorine. It is accurate within 5-10% of reading the color scale. The strip can also be used to test for chlorine in drinking water if this is a concern, however, our Residual Chlorine test strip, which measures up to 5ppm, may be a better suited option for testing residual in drinking water.

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Vinyl Test Strips read at 0,0.5,1,3,5,10ppm Instructions:
Remove one Low Level Chlorine test strip from the vial, being careful not to touch the test pad with your fingers.
Dip the test strip into the solution being tested for 2 seconds.
Alternatively, place a drop of deionized water on the indicator pad of the test strip, and press the pad firmly against food handling equipment, tables, or even the skin of fruit and vegetables themselves.
Remove and shake off any excess liquid.
Compare to the color chart after 30 seconds.
NOTE: The Low Level Chlorine test strip is sensitive to humidity and light. Store in a dark and dry area.


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