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Digital Incubator Dual Dry Block – Heater Blocks optional Not Incl

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  • Dual Block Lab Format digital Incubator
  • Optional Dry Block Variations IB001 or IB002
  • IB001 35well Block – ATP-Allergen- ALP ZymoSnap Pasteurisation Test
  • IB002 15 well Block MicroSnap – Rapid Microbiology Testing

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Digital Incubator Dual Dry Block – Lab Format Version

Designed specifically for Hygiena’s wide variety of test devices, our Digital Dry Block Incubators are flexible to fit your unique needs. Incubators are available in two different sizes and multiple configurations.

Capable of up to 105°C, Digital Dry Block Incubators can be set to any temperature required by Hygiena test products, and more! The digitally controlled blocks are independently heated, allowing you to run two temperatures in one incubator at a time – ideal for users running a variety of tests. A built in timer features auto-stop and sound alert to help you achieve perfect incubation, every time.

Digital Dry Block Incubators are available in two sizes to accommodate your testing volume: Small Footprint (12 wells), and Lab Format (30-70 wells). The Small Footprint Incubator (INCUBATOR) is perfect for users running a low volume of tests at one temperature. For large volume users, or users running multiple tests requiring two temperatures, the Lab Format Incubator can accommodate your testing needs.


  • Designed specifically for Hygiena test devices
  • Numbered wells help keep testing organized
  • Flexible configuration can accommodate swab test devices or large volume vial tubes
  • Digital controlled independent blocks can be held at different temperatures
  • Small footprint takes minimal bench space – large format only requires slightly more footprint than a sheet of office paper!