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ENDOSAN 3 Silver Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide – 1ltr

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  • EndoSan 3 1 Litre 3% Silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide, ready to use surface and water disinfectant
  • Highly effective water, surface and object disinfectant
  • Perfect for any surface or object (e.g. water tanks, food prep areas, medical equipment, etc)
  • No post application rinsing required
  • Forms no harmful by-products
  • Safe and easy to apply with quality trigger mechanism
  • Alcohol and Chlorine Free
  • Odour, colour and taste free

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ENDOSAN 3 – Combatting the spread of Coronovirus

EndoSan3 is a unique formula and has received approvals from different organizations and governmental agencies worldwide in the past 25 years.

EndoSan provides 99.9% disinfecting ability as documented by scientific researches and laboratory tests worldwide.

The “Know how” of the manufacturing process is difficult to copy or imitate which gives the product the power to attack effectively all types of germs without any physical or chemical hazard.

ENDOSAN 3 – 3% Solution available in 1000ml Bottle perfect for the sanitisation of surfaces

How does EndoSan3 work?

While neither hydrogen peroxide nor silver are particularly very good water system disinfectants when used individually, the combination produces a superb biocide. The mechanism is thought to be as follows: Hydrogen peroxide is not very effective against bacteria because these micro-organisms can secrete catalase which reacts with hydrogen peroxide preventing it from reaching the cell wall and destroy the bacterium. Therefore, if hydrogen peroxide is used alone a huge quantity is required.  This is where the silver plays an important role.  The silver emits electrostatic which de-stabilize the bacteria defence system (catalase enzyme) and allow the hydrogen peroxide to attack and destroy the bacteria. When the bacterium is dead, it is no longer attracted by the silver which moves back into the bulk water pulling the hydrogen peroxide behind it. This makes the solution very stable in water. The product also effervesces on the pipe wall helping to remove biofilm. Essentially the product has the chemical and physical properties required to remove and treat biofilm.

Does EndoSan clean?

We recommend EndoSan for disinfection use after normal cleaning. EndoSan is skin safe below 3%

For santising larger areas or using a fogging instrument use ENDOSAN 5  



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