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EnSure Touch Instrument

Everything you need. On one screen.


EnSURE Touch’s responsive, shatter-proof touchscreen design puts all the functionality and features of Hygiena’s ATP Monitoring Systems at your fingertips. In just a few touches you can:


  • Run a quick test
  • Add and edit users
  • Search though plans, locations, and users
  • Check the device’s calibration
  • Run a re-test
  • Sync to SureTrend™ Cloud
  • Change screen and battery settings
  • Connect to Wi-Fi
  • Share your screen with Hygiena Technical Support
  • View trend analysis and reports
  • Display results in competitor RLU limits


The EnSure Touch ATP Hygiene Monitoring system is the latest luminometer from Hygiena. Its unique touch screen interface and android style display with featured icons sets it apart from its competitors.

The Ensure TOUCH will feel very familar to any user that has used a smartphone, designed to be operated from one hand.

Modern connectivity via Wi-Fi and CLOUD software will enable users in large organisations with multiple locations to collate information at a central location and gain an overview of the organisations hygiene and cleanliness levels.

The EnSure TOUCH can be used with all tests in the Hygiena portfolio including ATP Environmental Swabs, MicroSnap rapid pathogen detection devices, Allergen Screening tests, offering the complete HACCP solution.