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FosfaMilk -ALP Milk Pasteurisation Test Cream Whey Butter 50tests

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FosfaMilk Test is a colorimetric assay based on a chemical reaction
which develops between the Alkaline Phosphatase enzyme, naturally
present in raw milk but absent after a correct pasteurization or UHT
treatment, and a specific chromogenic substrate that allows to
determine the presence of the enzyme in the sample.
The European Community commission established a residual Alkaline
Phosphatase activity of 350 mU/L as the maximum acceptable level of
this enzyme in correctly pasteurized/sterilized milk, according to CE
1664/2006 Regulation.
This kit has been designed for the accurate and specific determination
of Alkaline Phosphatase in all kinds of milk and whey samples with a test
sensitivity of 200 mU/L, without the need of micropipettes, spoons or
additional chemicals or consumables, but only needing an incubator or waterbath at 37°C. FosfaMilk can
also analyze cream and butter samples after a very easy pretreatment.

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