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Karl Fischer Titration Coulometric AUTO System HI-904

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  • Karl Fischer Automatic Titration
  • Measures 1ppm to 5% Water Content
  • Endpoint Titration
  • Precise Dosing System
  • Automatic Stirrer
  • Demonstrations Available Please Request

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Karl Fischer Titration – Coulometric Titrator for moisture determination

The HI-904 Karl Fischer Titration instrument is an automatic titrator that complements our wide range of products dedicated to efficient and accurate laboratory analysis. Measures 1ppm to 5% water content.

The HI-904 analyses for water content ranging from 1ppm to 5%. This powerful titrator effectively monitors the KF reaction, detects the endpoint, and performs all necessary calculations and graphing.

Features include:

  • Precision dosing system by generator electrode – 400mA pulsed current, available with or without a diaphragm
  • Molecular sieve desiccant – prevents the ingress of ambient humidity into the sealed solvent system while maintaining full titrator functionality; Regenerated at 300°C
  • Sealed Cell – generator electrode; Dual pin bivoltammetric platinum sensing electrode; Molecule sieve desiccant cartridge; Replaceable septum for liquid sampling port; Accessory port
  • Built-in stirrer – Automatic, integrated magnetic stirrer adjustable from 200-2000RPM; optical feedback for automatic speed control
  • Sealed solvent system – Change to fresh reagent in a matter of seconds without opening titration vessel; minimises exposure to ambient humidity; PTFE tubing is resistant to harsh KF Chemicals; sealed tube holder to collect PTFE tube after exchanging reagent
  • PTFE bottle cap – Caps fit any GL45-threaded bottle; chemical-resistant caps and fittings; removable desiccant cartridges

Karl Fischer Titration HI-904 Specifications

Range<1 ppm to 5%
Resolution0.1 ppm (0.0001%)
Result Units%, ppm, ppt, mg/g, µg/g, mg, µg, mg/mL, µg/mL, mg Br/100g, g Br/100g, mg Br, g Br
Sample Typeliquid or solid
Titration Vesselloperating volume between 100-200ml
Reagent handling systemsealed system with integrated diaphragm pump and beaker adapter
Generator electrode:
 ConfigurationDiaphragm or diaphragm-less
 Current ControlAutomatic or fixed (400 mA)
 Electrode Type DetectionAutomatic
 Pre-Titration Conditioningautomatic
 Background Drift Correctionautomatic or user selectable value
 Endpoint Criteriafixed mV persistence, relative drift stop or absolute drift stop
 Result Statisticmean, standard deviation
Detector Electrode:
 Typedual platinum pin, polarisation electrode
 Polarisation Current1, 2, 5, 10 µA
 Voltage Range2 mV to 1100 mV
 Voltage Resolution0.1 mV
 Accuracy (@25ºC/77ºF)±0.1%
Peripheral Devices:
 PCeasily view, transfer, print or delete methods and reports via HI-900 PC application
 USB Flash Driveeasily upgrade software or transfer methods and reports between devices using a USB drive
 Laboratory Analytical BalanceRS232 to connect any laboratory balance
 Printerprint directly from the HI-904 to a printer via parallel port
 Monitorinstrument status and titrations can be viewed on a larger screen using any VGA compatible external monitor
 Keyboardalphanumeric text can be entered using an optional PS/2 keyboard
Graphic Display5.7” (320 x 240 pixel) color LCD
Titration Methodsup to 100 (standard and user) methods
Data Storageup to 100
GLP ConformityGood Laboratory Practice and instrument data storage and printing
LanguagesEnglish, Portuguese, French and Spanish
Enclosure MaterialABS plastic and steel
Power Supply230VAC, 50/60 Hz;
Operating Environment10 to 40ºC, up to 95% RH
Storage Environment-20 to 70ºC, up to 95% RH
Dimensions390 x 350 x 380 mm (15.3 x 13.8 x 14.9”)
Weightapproximately 10 kg (22 lbs.)

Order Information:

HI-904-02 (230V) are supplied with dual platinum pin electrode, 5 mL burette assembly with tubing, air pump assembly with tubing, beaker and bottle top assemblies and all fittings, desiccant cartridges (4) with indicating desiccant, stir bar, waste bottle, calibration key, USB cable, power cable, HI-900 PC application, USB flash drive, quality certificate, ISO 8655 burette compliance report and instruction manual binder.

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