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Milk Fat Tester REIL EMT- 4 Channel

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  • Test Milk and Cream up to 60% in 20secs
  • Accurate and Repeatable Butterfat % Results
  • Proven Technology
  • Auto zero facility
  • 4 Separate calibration channels
  • Versatile – Measures raw/homogenised milk, cream, skim and whey
  • Easy to read display
  • Semi-automatic operation
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Milk Fat Tester for rapid butterfat % testing of Milk and Cream

The Milk Fat Tester REIL EMT Four Channel version enables the small processor to test a wide range of products up to 60% butterfat with dilution, without re-calibration. The machine provides instant results saving time and money, and allowing the processor to monitor butterfat levels throughout operations efficiently.

Milk Fat Tester REIL EMT – 4 Channel Version

Tests taken at regular intervals can provide information on:

  • Fluctuations in raw milk fat % levels
  • Samples of cream and skim as they leave the separator
  • Fat % levels when standardising
  • Finished products for sale reducing wastage and improving efficiency

The four seperate calibration channels enables the user to set-up the instrument for different product types including Raw milk , Homogenised Milk, Single and Double Cream and Whipping Cream as an example. Increased knowledge of butterfat levels can allow the processor to make cost effective decisions, using cream to its maximum efficiency.

Over 30years experience with Milk analysers

LABTEK Services in 2022 celebrates 35 years supporting the UK dairy processor, the photometric technology used in the REIL EMT is also over 30years old but remains one of the most effective methods to obtain rapid butterfat % test results for Milk and Cream products at a cost effective price.

We have seen numerous ultrasound instruments enter the marketplace in recent years which can be effective for milk products but it is essential that the testing environment is temperature stable as test results can vary in different ambient temperatures, the sample temperature also needs consideration if accurate and repeatable results are to be achieved.

In our opinion the REIL EMT – 4 Channel version is the only option for the small dairy processor needing an analyser to maximise raw material usage. A single channel version is also available