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Milk Filter IR Analyzer – MIRA

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MILK Analyzer for the Modern Dairy Facilty

Bruker developed the MIRA – a pre-calibrated, high precision Infra-red milk analyzer – for the needs of today’s dairy industry. The system offers a cost-effective way for the quality control of milk, whey, and cream.

The MIRA milk analyzer can analyze important parameters like fat, protein, total solids and lactose in seconds. Therefore, our customers can quickly carry out required and optimized process adjustments. The high-pressure homogenizer ensures evenly homogenized samples for high repeatability and accuracy. Optionally, the MIRA milk analyzer can also determine the freezing point.

  • Ease of operation
  • Smart calibration select
  • Ideal for standardisation
  • Sample Detection
  • High Pressure Sample Homogenisation
  • Sample Heating
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MIRA Infra-Red Milk Analyser from BRUKER

Highly efficient Sample Heating & Improved pumping Capabilities

The MIRA Filter Infra-red Milk Analyzer has been improved to offer users a more robust pumping system enabling users to test cream and dairy products with ease. The pumping system and ongoing efficiency of the heater enable the Lactolyser to pump cold fresh cream up to 50%.

User Friendly Interface & Software

The intuitive software guides the user through the process. The MIRA milk analyzer automatically analyzes the sample in transmission after the operator selects sample type and entering sample ID.

Product specific ready-to-use calibrations are easy to adjust will generate precise results. Moreover, the user can set up dedicated calibrations for customer specific products.

The dedicated software allows one-click measurements and presents the results in a clear table format allowing a detailed view of each individual result.

High Specification as Standard

The MIRA is supplied with FAT A & FAT B filters, Sample Detection, Sample Heating, Auto-Zero, Auto-Cleaning as Standard, and for a limited period Cream Filter.

Raw Material & Intake Control

The MIRA IR is a perfect instrument for raw material intake control, the analyser requires no specialised training and provides accurate results within 30secs for Fat & Protein important parameters for payment purposes for consumer milk production.

Standardisation & Profitability

FAT A & FAT B filters enable the processing facility to test incoming raw milk testing seasonal variations in your raw material. FAT A & FAT B can be measured separately if required, offering versatility in the standardisation of milk throughout the year.

LABTEK Services supply an extensive range of ISO Certificated Calibration and Control Samples Dairy Calibration Standards

  • Fat, Protein, Lactose, Total Solids, FPD
  • Skim, Semi-Skim, Whole, Channel Island.
  • Whey, Single/Whipping/Double Cream
  • Milk Powder (Re-constituted)
  • 10 Calibration Channels as standard (More optional)
Analytical Range:
  • Fat 0-60%,
  • Protein 0-10%,
  • Lactose 0-15%,
  • Total Solids.
  • Fat 0.02%
  • Protein 0.02%
  • Lactose 0.02%
  • Total Solids 0.06%
Optional Extras:
  • Extra Calibration
  • Cream filter and calibration
  • Ethernet port
Automatic Cleaning and Zeroing

The MIRA milk analyser is very easy to use. After a pre-set time, it will perform an automatic zeroing to ensure constant performance over time. Moreover, the MIRA automatically cleans itself to prevent contamination or blockage of the fluid mechanics without any operator intervention.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

The user can easily carry out the maintenance of the MIRA himself. Consequently, downtime and maintenance costs are reduced. Light source as well as desiccant cartridge can be exchanged easily. The permanent diagnostics monitor the instrument and will advise the user of any problems.

Robust and Reliable

The MIRA milk analyser is ideal for the use in a laboratory or an at-line process lab. The robust filter instrument is resistant to vibration and other environmental influences. The internal sample heating guarantees a reproducible and reliable performance on all measured parameters.

Service and Support

If you need us, we are here to help! Bruker Optics is staffed with a large group of scientists and engineers to respond to your needs with LABTEK Services authorised distributor in the UK

  • Application support
  • Comprehensive training
  • Local service
  • Calibration Training & Guidance