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MPAII-D – FT-NIR Dairy Analyser

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MPA II Dairy Analyzer

With only one analyzer, the complete range of dairy products can be quality controlled, from the incoming raw milk to the finished product like cheese, yoghurt, or butter. There is no longer the need to invest in two technologies: FT-IR for liquid milk products and NIR for solids. Instead, one system with one easy-to-use software platform means less training, less hassle as well as faster and more reliable results.

Bruker’s fully integrated MPA II Dairy Analyzer consists of two parts: The new Liquid Sampling Module LSM II allows the automated sampling and homogenizing (if required) for analyzing raw milk and various liquid milk products, but also plant-based drinks in transmission. For the measurement of solid and semi-sold samples like cheese, butter, or milk powders, in reflection, little to no sample preparation is necessary. The material is simply filled into a Petri dish or cup.