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Pasteurised Milk Calibration Set 0.05 – 3.7% Fat set of 5

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QLIP Calibration Samples – Pasteurised Milk Calibration Set

QLIP samples specifically for the calibration of your pasteurised milk calibration channnel on your FTIR or IR dairy analyser.

The set of 5 samples ranges from 0.05% to 3.7% Fat, with Protein, lactose and Total Solids data for 3 samples. It is recommended by the IDF that a minimum of 5 samples are used in a calibration set. Frequency of calibration of your FTIR analyser is recommend monthly or quarterly with control samples used in between calibration to monitor the analysers performance.

With a Measurement of Uncertainty of only +/-0.02 across the milk calibration range, users can maximise profit from raw material.

Control Samples from QLIP

Following calibration a selection of control samples are available at 0.05%, 1.5% and 3.5% to monitor the analyser in-between calibrations, control samples can provide information on any drift which may indicate an issue with the analysers testing system before it occurs.

Cream Calibration Samples

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