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Pipette Tip 1250ul long Reach, Racked, Sterile (96 tips)

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  • Sterile Pipette Tips 1250 ul
  • Racked 8 * 96
  • Graduated

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Pipette Tip 1250ul Universally Compatible

  • New improved low retention polypropylene tips with thinner walls and more finely tapered tips for efficient liquid release
  • Raised rim on rack for easy stacking
  • Automation-compatible, sturdy rack footprint
  • Rack lid angles back and out of way for easy multi-channel pipetting
  • Hinged clasp for secure closure and easy one-hand operation
  • Removable, hinged rack lids allow partial opening for autoclaving
  • Reusable racks designed to withstand multiple autoclave cycles
  • Colour coded racks (10uL – red, 20uL – yellow & 200uL, 1250 uL – blue)
  • Certified RNase, DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitor free and non-pyrogenic
  • Non-sterile or sterile options