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Reveal 3D Soy Rapid Allergen Test – 10tests

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3-D Reveal® for Soy offers results in just 5 minutes and can be used in virtually any environment to screen environmental swabs and clean-in-place rinses.

3-D Reveal® for Soy is a unique hand-held device with a 3-line readout: a control line confirms the method has been performed successfully and two other lines differentiate nondetectable, low and high levels of soy.


Screens samples at 2.5 ppm soy protein (5 ppm total soy)
Testing time: 5 minutes
Storage: Refrigerated 2√¢Äö√ÉÑ√ɨ8℃
Tests per kit: 10
The Reveal test kits from Neogen® allow you to test for the presence of allergens in 10 minutes or less. The rapid nature of the test allows you to quickly assess your environment and take corrective action if necessary.

The 3-D Reveal® for Soy kit contains the following:

1 sealed foil pouch, containing 10 beige 3-D Reveal® Soy Test devices
10 sachets containing Type 8 Extraction Buffer
10 sample tubes and caps
10 individually packaged, sterile swabs with break-off tips
1 bottle of swab wetting solution
The extraction of food samples requires the following:

3-D Food Buffer
Graduated 50 mL polypropylene test tubes

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