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Z9 Milkoscope Fulmatic Milk Analyser

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  • Case, made of special 3 mm. aluminum alloy.
  • INOX control panel.
  • Buttons 100% INOX.
  • Connection elements 100% INOX.
  • INOX pipette mechanism.
  • Special manufacturer’s logo-branded grid.
  • Measurement starting INOX button, glowing in two colours.
  • INOX light-indicators.
  • INOX nozzles.
  • LCD display – 4 rows, 20 symbols – bigger type.
  • Fully automatic. Flushing and resetting, followed by special sensors.

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Milkoscope Z9 Fulmatic


The latest edition to the Milkoscope series is the Z9 fulmatic, offering users a number of new additional features:-


Extreme Precision

Precise and stable calibration. The new measuring sensors are developed especially for Z9 Fulmatic.

All parameters are measured directly – they are not calculated.

Flushing without human interference

Optional module for fully automatic flushing of the hosing system, as well as for check and resetting.

Save time with Z9 Fulmatic

Z9’s unique advantage is the possibility to analyzer cold samples, right after milk is delivered, without necessity of warming the milk up.

Z9 analyzes samples with added preservatives without shifting the analysis’ accuracy.

User Alerts.

Light and sound signalization by sensors for the lack of flushing solutions into the two special containers.

Test Data Printout

Marking hour and date of the implementation of the analysis, as well as the milk supplier and the litres they have provided you with.