In the busy restaurant – kitchen environment you don’t want the worry of knowing if your serving environment is not as clean as it should be.

In todays modern health and safety conscious world there is a wide range of different Chemical Sanitizers with the three most common chemical sanitizers chlorine-based, quaternary ammonia compounds QAC and iodine-based.

The required concentration of each chemical varies from product to product, chlorine is often between 50-200ppm, QAC is often between 100-400ppm and Iodine 12.5-25ppm.

How can you be sure your sanitizers are being used at the correct concentration, quickly and at low cost? The answer is vinyl or paper test strips for the specific chemical sanitizers.

These rapid test strips have been used in the food industries for many years and are widely accepted by Health departments.

The Test strips are very simple to use, simply dip the strip into the solution and compare against the colour chart.

Due to the low cost, the strips enable frequent and regular checking throughout the day which in turn validates the chemical concentration and improves cleanliness throughout the site.

• Test chemical sanitizers in all locations, including the buckets for your wiping cloths, the 3-compartment sink, and the low temperature dish machine.
• Inspectors will often ask for your test strips and have you test the sanitizing solution, or they will test it themselves. Asking you to provide the test strips will show them if you keep them readily available. In addition, watching you do the test will show them if you know how.
• The requirement for test strips may not always be critical. It’s best to have the test strips, use them, make sure your staff knows how to use them, and keep all your sanitizing solutions at the proper concentration.

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