Calibration and Control samples for the dairy analyser

After making a significant investment in a Filter or Fourier Transform milk analyser to rapidly test dairy products, it is critical that accuracy is maintained by using Calibration and control samples

The three main factors that influence the robustness of the calibration line is Analyser Performance, Calibration Sample Range and Calibration Sample Uncertainty of measurement.

The QLIP range supplied by LABTEK Services in the UK offers our customer samples with the widest range of components and lowest Uncertainty of Measurement.

QLIP is Europe’s largest milk testing laboratory testing 15million raw milk samples per annum, performing over 200,000 Rose Gottlieb(Fat%) and Kjeldahl (protein%) analyses from this high level of analysis QLIP has calculated a Uncertainty of Measurement of +/- 0.01% for Fat & Protein Calibration Materials.

The MCS17 raw milk calibration set offers extended sample range for Fat 0-6%, Protein 0-5% & Lactose 3-6%, the combination of a wide sample range and low uncertainty of measurement guarantees you a robust and reliable calibration line.