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Are you in search of an advanced monitoring system that can be easily used with all the different types of tests in the Hygiena portfolio? The EnSURE™ Touch is the best choice for you to conduct various tests including ATP Environmental Swabs, Allergen Screening tests, MicroSnap rapid pathogen detection devices. It also offers the complete HACCP solution. EnSURE™ Touch is the perfect device for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data from a wide range of highly trusted quality test devices. This enables it to provide accurate and rapid sanitation verification data. There are many useful features including a 5-inch touch screen, cloud-based software, and wireless sync technology that makes the EnSURE™ Touch a perfect device. The design is well suited to adapt your workplace and provide you with the data needed for performing complex multi-location supply chain monitoring and risk management.

Top Benefits of EnSURE™ Touch

There are a lot of innovative features that the EnSURE™ Touch includes. It is designed from the ground up for revolutionizing flexibility and ease of use. It is not just the typical ATP meter and is an important element of the complete environmental monitoring solution. EnSURE™ Touch is compatible with Hygiena™ ATP, Enzyme test devices, and Indicator Organism. Also, it has the ability to wireless sync to SureTrend™ Cloud that helps in centralizing all your environmental monitoring tests in one single cloud-based location. This will enable a person to have a 360-degree view of the food safety program.

Intuitive and Easy Smartphone Design

One of the best features of the EnSURE™ Touch is that it is not like any other traditional ATP luminometers you will find in the market. With its innovative design, you will get the power of a smartphone at your fingertips. The simple icons and intuitive navigation make using this ATP meter quite easy. Though the design is simple it is quite powerful.

Quickly Run Multiple Tests

The EnSURE™ Touch monitoring system enables a person to run multiple tests on one system with a matter of a few touches. This is a complete environmental monitoring solution that is a combination of an intuitive luminometer interface and provides compatibility across all the different Hygiena’s test devices. We provide the best-in-class ATP test devices for verifying cleanliness. We also provide the MicroSnap™ indicator organism tests to help you in properly isolating the problem areas in your facility. If you want to test for glucose, lactose, or any other enzymes then with us at LABTEK Services you are covered.

Below is a brief of our tests:

  • Cloud-Connected Centralized Reporting

Now you can analyze all the test results across the different facilities by using one interactive dashboard. The EnSURE™ Touch by Hygiena enables you to connect to SureTrend™ Cloud over WiFi by using SSL encryption and safely stores your test results. You get the control access along with a robust set of user privileges.

  • Get Best in Class Technology in a Smaller Box

The EnSURE™ Touch comes with a state-of-the-art Photodiode (PD) sensor technology to provide superior sensitivity and stability over fragile and bulky photomultiplier tube (PMT) sensors. As the design of the photodiode is small, thin, and sleek there are several disadvantages over PMT. They’re more energy-efficient and durable.

  • Optimal Size & Maximum Durability

As the EnSURE™ Touch comes with a sleek and minimal design, it is quite easy to hold in your hand. It includes a shoulder strap that will free up your hands while swabbing and an easy to use hand-strap will make sure you are able to hold tightly in your palm while running tests. Additionally, you will see a rugged outer shell and shatter-resistant touchscreen for keeping EnSURE™ Touch safe in a harsh environment.

  • Highly Reliable and Always Ready

EnSURE™ Touch has a built-in tilt monitor and also a sensor check that will ensure accurate test reading every time. By turning on the self-check feature and powering on the system, calibration will be confirmed. Also, there is an additional CalCheck LED calibration verification device sold separately for verifying calibration.

  • Cloud Connected & Wireless Enabled

EnSURE™ Touch is Wi-Fi capable and allows you to directly and securely sync all your results with the cloud-based data analysis software without the need to connect via USB. With the wireless capability, there are also other features you get like remote training, troubleshooting, and remote setup.

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