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Easy Plate is a microbiological plate method consisting of a waterproof paper with a pre-made desiccant medium and a transparent cover over the medium. The Easy Plate AC method is used to determine the level of aerobic bacteria in food as an alternative to microbiological methods (AOAC Official Method 966.23 and US Food and Drug Officials Bacteriological Analytical Manual Chapter 3). The plates are compact, easy to use and reduce the overall amount of waste generated when using the test. The Easy Plate AC Method was approved by the AOAC Research Institute Performance Tested Methods SM (041302) for raw beef, raw ground beef, roast beef, raw pork, Chinese barbecue pork, bacon, ham, cooked pork sausage, Frankfurters, raw chicken, raw ground chicken, lettuce, blueberries, raw shrimp, raw salmon, raw tuna, pasteurized milk, natural cheeses and dry pet food are all recognized. No additional tools are required to prepare the plates for incubation. This is thanks to the hydrophobic ring around the culture surface, which helps in automatically spreading the sample over the culture surface.

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