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Auroflow BetaLactam Test Strips 96tests

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  • Easy-to-use strip test with no required heating step/or incubator
  • Works with room temperature or cold milk
  • Results in only 7 minutes
  • Low set-up costs and cost per test
  • Results easy to interpret visually or by use of QuickSTAR™ Strip Reader
  • Major tetracyclines BT Combo Kit  and 11 major sulfonamides BTS Combo Kit also available on request
  • Ideal for use in the field or farm; requires no equipment

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AuroflowTest Kits allow you to quickly and efficiently test milk for antibiotic residues and are backed by years of experience. Make purchasing decision on the spot ensuring the safety and quality of your milk.The kits are simple to use and require minimal training.

Simple Interpretation of Results

When the signal at the T-line is more intense than the signal at the C-line, the milk sample is negative for presence of residues.A signal at the T-line which is equal to or less intense than the signal at the C-line indicates a contaminated milk sample.

Detection Limits for Beta-lactam Antibiotics

The AuroFlow™ lateral flow test strips are designed for the detection of a broad range of antibiotics in raw, commingled cow’s milk. These rapid tests detect 14 beta-lactam antibiotics  in milk at or below EU and CODEX Maximum Residue Limits (MRL).

The combo kits allow simultaneous detection of different classes of antibiotic residues. The Auro- Flow™ BTS Combo Kit can detect more antibiotics at or below the MRL, compared to any available competitor kit.

These state-of-the-art tests also use novel binding proteins which eliminate the need for a heating block. Validation reports are available showing the efficacy of the tests in both room temperature and cold milk.