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Browne Sterilisation Control Tube – Fluids -Black Spot 100

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Test the efficacy of an autoclave / sterilser using Browne™ Control™ Autoclave Indicator Valves. These tubes contain heat-sensitive dyes that change color after sufficient time at the autoclave’s desired temperature.

  • The tube solution will change through amber to green at 121oC for 15 min.
  • ISO 11140-1 Class 4
  • Shelf-Life 18months from Date of Manufacture

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BROWNE Control Tube – Chemical Indicator Tubes for Sterilisation Validation

Black Spot Control Tubes for steam sterilizers working at 121oC for 15 minutes. The Browne Control Tube consists of a borosilicate glass tube sealed at both ends. The tube contains approximately 200ul of heat sensitive red liquid which changes colour from red to green at various times and temperatures which are integrated by the device. The tubes are sold in boxes of 100.

These tubes must always be stored in a cool place, preferably in a refrigerator, but always below 21 C (70 F), otherwise they may deteriorate.

Browne Black Spot Control Tubes item Code 7301 121 Deg C for 15mins Datasheet

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