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Dilution Rack PBS Sterile for Microbiology Serial Dilution 128vials

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Density (D) 1,01 g/cm³nBoiling point (bp) 100 °CnMelting point (mp) 0 °CnStorage temp. +15 to +25 °CnTransport temp. ambient temp.nWGK 1nnFor preparation of dilution series of microbiological samples. Sterile PBS.n128 wells in 32 racks of 4 separable wells each (9 ml each).nnEach well is sealed by an aluminium foil, and may be separated from the others at a perforation line. Using the Compact Dry Opener (Art. No. 4825.1, please order separately) a hole may be pierced into the lid, providing access for pipetting.

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