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IRIS 2 Antibiotic Tests – Incubator and Reader

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  • Touchscreen
  • Data Stored in CLOUD via Test4All
  • No Smart Device Required Stand alone unit ( IRIS 1 required Smart Device)
  • Scope: detection of beta-lactams and tetracyclines in milk
  • Assay time: one-step assay of a 6-minutes.
  • Results: visual or automatic interpretation with IRIS reader and automatic sending of results (Wifi / Bluetooth / 4G)
  • Format: 25 or 100 cassettes

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IRIS 2 Incubator Reader for rapid detection of Antibiotics in Milk

The IRIS 2 is a unique device in the Global dairy industry that provides a low cost Incubator Reader for the simple and easy detection of antibiotics in milk. Results in 6mins by following these simple instructions

Instructions IRIS 2

Instructions IRIS 2


Duplex BT Scan helps you to identify if the milk tank is contaminated with beta-lactams during transport or upon arrival at the plant in a simple and fast way. Once the operator sets the automatic test at the reception, or even on the truck, the results will be automatically received in-real time, allowing to make quick decisions.
Duplex BT Scan analysis at the farm help you avoid industry penalties. Just by adding a drop of milk, you can check the tank in a few minutes before it is collected. In addition, you can share the results with the processing plant to daily guarantee the quality of your milk.